View your Scheduled Classes

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Navigation: Self Service - Faculty Center-My Schedule


1. Navigate to the Faculty Center page.

By default, this page displays all classes scheduled in the current term.

Faculty Center My Schedule page

2. Select View My Weekly Teaching Schedule.

3. Review your Weekly Teaching Schedule.

  • Notice the days, times and room assignments for the classes shown.

Faculty Center Weekly Schedule

4. If you wish to change the dates or times displayed on your Weekly Schedule:

  • Type or select a new date as the Show Week of to change the dates displayed.
  • Type a new Start Time and/or End Time to change the times displayed.
  • Select Refresh Calendar button after entering your new date and/or time(s).
  • Select Previous Week button or Next Week button to browse your Weekly Schedule week-by-week.

5. Select Return button to return to the first Faculty Center page.

6. Select Only Classes with Enrollment to limit display to only those classes with enrolled students.

  • In the illustration below, there are no classes with enrollment in the specified term for this faculty member so no results are returned.

Classes with Enrollment

7. To view a different term, select Change Term button . The Select Term page will appear.

Select Term page

8. Select your desired Term and select Continue button .

Your schedule will display for the selected term.

Faculty Center show classes page

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