Set Up Class Assignments


Navigation: Self Service - Self Service- Faculty Center-Assignments tab

1. Navigate to the Faculty Center Class Assignment page.

By default, this page displays the most recent class that has been viewed.

  • If a class is not listed on the Faculty Center gradebook page go the Faculty Center My Schedule page and select the Graderoster icon (Graderoster) icon beside the class you wish to view.
  • To change to a different class within the current term select Change class button.
  • To change to a different term select the My Schedule tab and select Change term button .


Faculty Center Class Assignments page

2.  Complete the following fields for each assignment:


  • Assignment Category
  • Description
  • Short Description


  • Required by Institution
  • All fields in Details section
  • All fields in Points section
  • All fields in Dates & Duration section
  • Notes

The following examples depict a typical assignment.

Class Assignments tab of Faculty Center class assignments page

3. Select the Category Weight tab.

Category Weight tab

4. Complete the following fields:

  • Assignment Category
  • Weight

NOTE: You may set various weights for different portions of the class [e.g., quizzes (25%), midterm (25%) final (50%)].

5. Select the Grading Scale tab.

Grading Scale Tab

6. Complete the following fields:

  • Mark = Score earned
  • Grade = Grade to be assigned based on Mark earned

NOTE: Select Copy Grade Scale button to copy the grade scale information to another class to which you are assigned. Previous values are overwritten.

7. Select Save button .


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