Send a Notification

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1. Navigate to the appropriate Class Roster page.

Class Roster page

2. By default, the Class Roster displays only students with a status of "Enrolled".

To view a different Enrollment Status, select an alternate status from the drop-down menu and selectChange button :

  • Waiting - waitlisted students
  • All - enrolled, dropped, and waitlisted students
  • Dropped - dropped students

3. Initiate the notification.

  • To send a notification to all students in the current view, select notify all students button .
  • To send a notification to only selected students, select them in the Notify column and then select notify selected Students button .

The Send Notification page will appear, addressed to you and with the BCC: (blind copy) field populated with the addresses of the students you have chosen to notify. This ensures that you receive a copy of the notification in your email inbox, and also ensures that students cannot see each others' addresses.

Send Notification Page

4. Complete the Notification.

  • [Optional] add more recipients by typing their email addresses in the To, CC, and/or BCC fields. Separate their addresses with commas.
  • Type the Subject and Message Text.

5. Select Send Notification button . You will see a confirmation that a notification was sent.

6. Select Return to Class Roster to return to the Class Roster page.

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