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Although you can track and maintain assignment grades using a variety of methods, you will post final grades via the Faculty Center Grade Roster.

  • The Faculty Center Grade Roster can be used to view, add, approve and post grades.
  • A specified format must be used to successfully upload grades.
  • Only instructors listed on the class schedule can upload grades for a class.

NOTES For Carmen Gradebook Users:

  • Instructors do not need to use the Carmen Gradebook to post final grades to the Faculty Center Grade Roster.

  • When using the Carmen Gradebook, instructors do not have to use the feature that transfers final grades from Carmen to the Faculty Center.

  • Instructors can manually copy grades from Carmen to the Faculty Center for posting. This can be most easily done by opening two browser windows and entering the grades directly into the Faculty Center Grade Roster.

  • When posting final grades for graduating seniors, it is suggested that instructors manually enter just these grades into the Faculty Center rather than using Carmen to transfer them.

Regardless of the method used to enter the grades, you must "POST" the grades in the Faculty Center for them to be logged into the student's permanent academic record.


1. Navigate to the Faculty Center Grade Roster page.

By default, this page displays the most recent class that has been viewed.

  • If a class is not listed on the Faculty Center grade roster page, select the My Schedule tab and select the Grade roster icon (Graderoster) icon beside the class you wish to view.
  • To change to a different class within the current term select Change class button.
  • To change to a different term select the My Schedule tab and select Change term button .

Faculty Center grade roster page

The Preferred Name will appear on the Student Services Ctr (Student), Class Roster and Grade Roster pages in the Student Information System (SIS). All other pages within the SIS will reflect the Primary Name.

To download a grade roster to Excel select Download. Depending on your browser and system configuration, you may need to turn off your pop up blocker . To print a grade roster select the Printer Friendly Version.

Post Grades on the Grade Roster Page

2. Confirm "Final Grade" as the Grade Roster Type.

NOTE: If you need to select the Grade Roster Type, you will see only the "Final Grade" option.

3. If you wish to view only students who have applied to graduate this term, check Display Graduating Students.

4. If you wish to view only students who have not yet been assigned a grade, check Display Unassigned Roster Grade Only.

NOTE: This is a convenient way to filter out students with a grade of "W" (withdrawn)

5. If you wish to assign the same grade to all students in the roster:

a. Select a grade using the drop-down menu just left of Add this grade to all student button.

  • To clear all grades, select the top "blank" menu option as the grade to assign

b. Select Add this grade to all students button .

NOTE: This is a convenient way to assign one grade to all students on the class roster who are in a paid status, not just graduating seniors. After completing step 5, you can continue to step 6 to set individual students' grades.

6. Enter a grade for each student.

  • If you enter an "I" (Incomplete) grade, Lapse Detail button will appear. Select the Lapse Detail buttonand continue to step 7.
  • If you enter an "EN" grade, an additional field will appear in which to enter the week the student last attended.
  • If you entered anything other than "I", skip to step 9.
  • Grade dropdowns will only be accessible for students in a "Paid" status.
  • If a failing grades is assigned, you will be asked to confirm that the entered failing grades were earned and that they should not be "EN" grades. Clicking "Cancel" will allow you to go back and make adjustments to the grades; clicking "OK" will continue with posting all entered grades.

NOTE: Grades can only be entered for students who are in a paid status.

7. The Student Incomplete page will appear.

Accept the default Lapse Deadline.

NOTE:Changing the Lapse Deadline will have no impact as the grades are lapsed to the alternate grade during the seventh week of the subsequent term, regardless of the date entered here.  An Extension of Incomplete form with all required signatures must be submitted to extend the Incomplete Deadline.

Complete the following fields:

  • Lapse To Grade
  • Comment (optional)

Student Incomplete page

8. Select OK button. You will return to the Grade Roster page.

9. Confirm the grades are assigned as requested.

Grade Roster page

Approval Status settings include:

  • "Full/Partial Post" (recommended): Allows entry and posting of grades. This is the default and recommended setting -- see the NOTE below. (formerly "Not Reviewed")
  • "No Post/View Only": Allows review of entered grades prior to posting. If you change the Approval Status to "No Post/View Only", the dropdowns for grade entry are not available. (formerly "Ready for Review")
  • "Full Post Only": To be used only when all grades are completed. If you change the Approval Status to "Full Post Only", you will be required to complete every grade-including unpaid students-before posting. (formerly "Approved")

NOTE: It is recommended that you leave the Approval Status at "Full/Partial Post" to enable partial posting. If you change it to "Full Post Only", you will be required to complete every grade before posting. even for unpaid students who do not have a grade box available.

10. Select Save button.

NOTE: Selecting Save button alone will not post grades (see step 11, below).

11. Select Post button . The posted grades will appear in the Official Grade column.


You will not receive a separate notification that grades have been posted. Their appearance in the Official Grade column serves as your confirmation that posting was successful.

Students do not receive grades until they are posted. After posting, any grade changes will need to be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar.

12. If you wish to send an email notification to students, refer to the Send Notification procedure.

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