Update your Student Information Release

The Student Information Release page enables you to designate individuals and organizations to whom The Ohio State University can release information. The Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) governs the release of educational records to third parties. By completing the Student Information Release you ensure that Ohio State can discuss your information with others (such as parents, spouses and third parties) whom you wish to have access.


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The Student Information Release page contains two components:

  • Student Information Release: Displays designees and releases. Designees can be added or removed, or information for a designee can be updated.
  • Withhold Directory Information: Allows you to restrict the release of your directory information.

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Student Information Release

student information release image with add and delete buttons  (person) infoStudent Information Release Page Withhold Directory Information page

Student Information Release Organization Designee Information

1. Select Person or Organization

2. Enter the person or organization name and contact information

3. Select an Access Code for each Person designee.

4. Share this code with the appropriate designee and instruct them to remember and use it when they contact the university to inquire about your record.

• The Access Code may contain up to five letters and/or numbers.
• University officials will ask for the Access Code to validate your designee's identity. Without an Access Code, Ohio State may not be able to release the requested information.

4. Select the type(s) of information you wish to release to the designee. Use the More information link to view additional details regarding each release.

  • Academic Information: Information related to enrollment, grades, and coursework.
  • Account Information: Information related to charges and payments that appear on a student's account.
  • Financial Aid Information: Information related to financial aid awards.

NOTE: Any adjustments or changes made through your Student Information Release will replace and void all releases previously on file.

5. Select save button image  to save changes.


Adding or Deleting Designees

Use add button  to add additional designees or the Delete button  to remove a designee.


Updating Information for a Designee

a. Delete the information you wish to change.

b. Enter new information.

c. Check the release(s) you wish to add or uncheck the release(s) you wish to remove from the designee.

d. Select save button   to save changes.

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Withhold Directory Information

The Withhold Directory Information page enables you to restrict the release of your Directory Information

Directory Information includes the following:

  • Name
  • Local and home addresses
  • Phone number(s)
  • Enrollment status
  • Program of study (College of enrollment, major and minor)
  • Primary campus attended
  • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  • Weight/height of members of intercollegiate athletic teams

Withholding Directory Information page

Select the check box if you wish to withhold the release of your directory information

Select   save button image

NOTE: If you choose not to select the check box, by default, your directory information will be released.

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