Student Financials: Your Student Account


Your student account information is available through the Finances section of My Buckeye Link

My Buckeye Link- Student Finances SectionAccount Inquiry Account Refund Guardian Account Setup and ePayment Financial Aid Student Health Insurance Make a payment Statement of Account link

This section displays and links to a variety of services and information.

Select the area you would like to learn more about.

Graduate Associates and Fellows: refer to Graduate Fee Authorizations and Your SIS Statement of Account to learn how Fee Authorizations and Student Health Insurance appear on your Statement of Account.

To update fees: Select the Account Inquiry or Statement of Account link and refresh your Student Center view to update fees immediately when you make changes that affect your fees (such as adding or dropping classes). Otherwise, your fees may not reflect the most recent changes until the automated nightly fee recalculation occurs.

Select Statement of Account to view a printer-friendly statement of account.


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