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  • My Buckeye Link - Enrollment Dates box - Open Enrollment Dates
  • My Buckeye Link - Enrollment Dates box - Details
  • My Buckeye Link - Academics section - Add a Class
  • My Buckeye Link- Academics section - other academic... drop-down menu - Enrollment: Add

NOTE:  Students will be unable to enroll in classes if the Financial Responsibility Statement has not been completed.  This statement needs to be submitted before you can enroll for any term. For more information see Financial Responsibility Statement - Student View.

Select Term

The order of steps will vary depending on the link you use to enroll or add a class, as well as whether multiple terms are available for enrollment when you attempt to add a class. In most cases, you will select a term at some point in the process using the Select Term page.

Select term page

If you see the Select Term page at any point, select the term in which you wish to enroll or add a class and clickContinue button .

1. Proceed based on the link you clicked to enroll or add a class:

  • If you clicked Add a Class from Buckeye Link or the Student Center's Academics section, skip to the Add Classes page (step 4, below).
  • If you clicked Open Enrollment Dates in the Student Center's Enrollment Dates box, skip to the Add Classes page (step 4, below).
  • If you clicked Details in the the Student Center's Enrollment Dates box, you will continue to step 2.

2. The Enrollment Dates page will appear.

enrollment dates page

3. Select add classes button

  • To select a different term, select change term button and select an alternate term on the Select Term page.

4. The Add Classes page will appear.

Select classes to add page

5. Select an option to add classes:

  • Search for Classes
    SelectSearch button. The Class Search page will appear. Refer to the Search for a Class procedure for more information on searching for classes.
  • Enter Class Nbr (Number)
    Enter the Class Nbr (Number), if known, and select enter button to bypass searching for classes.
  • Schedule Planner Search
    Select schedule planner button to bypass searching for classes and use the Schedule Planner class scheduling system to create your schedule.

NOTE: The import cart button button will appear after your schedule has been planned using Schedule Planner. Select import cart and skip to step 21.


Class search page

6. Select a Course Subject.

7. Type a Course Number.

8. Select or confirm the Course Career.

9. Select Search button.

add classes search results

10. Select the Section link for more information on that specific section. The Class Detail will appear.

It is important to check the class detail for every class in which you enroll, so you can understand what you are signing up for--and ensure that the class will be what you expect. Under "Instruction Mode," you will find information that indicates whether a class is taught "In Person" (in a classroom with an instructor), or by "Distance Learning," or incorporates some other mode of learning--"Clinic Field Experience," for example.

search results class detail


Note the Instruction Mode, which is outlined in red in the example above. This takes the place of the current letter designation after a course number. Available Instruction Modes include:

  • Clinic Field Experience
  • Computer Taught
  • Distance Learning
  • Flexibly Scheduled
  • In Person
  • Video Taught
  • Workshop

The following two examples depict Class Details with Instruction Mode of "Distance Learning" and "Clinic Field Experience", respectively (outlined in red).

Class Detail, Distance Learning

Class Detail, Clinic Field Experience

If desired, use the Mode of Instruction in Additional Search Criteria to limit your search results to a specific Instruction Mode.

11. Review search results for the course you wish to add.

12. Select Select class button.

13. Next steps will vary depending on whether this class is connected to an associated section (for example, a lab that is connected to a lecture). Connected sections will be grouped together in the search results.

  • If the class is not connected to another section, you will skip directly to the Enrollment Preferences page as detailed in step 19.
  • If the class is connected to multiple sections (e.g. one lecture has multiple lab sections), you will skip to the Select classes to add - Enrollment Section page as detailed in step 16.
  • If the class is connected to only one other section, you will proceed to the Select classes to add - Related Class Sections page as detailed in step 13.

14. If there is only one associated section, you will see a page similar to the following.

Related Class Sections

  • Optionally, you can select the Section link to view that section's Class Detail.

15. SelectNext button to skip to step 19.

16. If there are multiple associated sections, you will see a page similar to the following.

Enrollment Section Related Class sections

17. Select an associated section.

18. Select Next button.

19. Review the Enrollment Preferences.

  • This page will display connected sections for which you are enrolling, if applicable.

Enrollment Preferences page

20. Select Next button.



Add Classes page: shopping cart

To add additional classes repeat Steps 4 through 20

To remove a class from the shopping cart, select theGarbage Can icon icon .

21. Select Proceed button.

  • To remove a class from the shopping cart, select theGarbage Can icon icon .

Confirm Classes page

22. Select Finish Enrolling button.

View Results page

23. Confirm the class was added.

  • If the add was unsuccessful, you will see a message detailing the reason. The example below shows an error due to exceeding a time conflict.

error class conflict

  • Select Fix Errors button to see more information or to resolve the issue.

24. Select My class schedule button.

My class schedule page

25. Review your class schedule for the selected career and term.


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