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Exam ScheduleTransfer Credit ReportView Academic InformationAdditional academic services are available through the other academic... menu.

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Select an item from this menu and select Go button to navigate to that page:

  • Apply for Graduation¬† provides a link to proceed with your application to graduate if you are eligible for graduation at this time
  • Assignments displays information on class assignments, if your instructor has chosen to use the SIS Gradebook. This tool DOES NOT display final grades or assignments tracked in Carmen.
  • Course Planning displays a pdf document that can be used to complete a plan for graduation prior to an advising appointment.
  • Enrollment Add displays Add a Class page
  • Enrollment Drop displays Drop A Class page
  • Enrollment Edit displays Edit Class Enrollment Options page
  • Exam Schedule displays any scheduled final exams.
  • Transfer Credit Report displays credit and placement test scores that have transferred as course credit.

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