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You can add a new Preferred name at any time; this is a good way to record your nickname or the name you wish others to use.

Note: Adding a new Preferred name will not change the Primary name which is saved in your student record and used in correspondence. If you need to change your Primary name due to a legal name change or any other reason, submit your change in writing to the Office of the University Registrar. Some changes will require proof.

1. Select Home or Mobile Phone from the Personal Information section of the My Buckeye Link. The Names page will appear.

names page

2. Select add a new name button. The Names: Add a New Name page will appear.

add a new name page

3. Select "Preferred" as the Name Type.

4. Type or select the rest of your Name information using the provided fields.

5. Confirm or select a Date new name will take affect.

6. Select save button.

7. Select Return to Current Names.

8. To return to the My Buckeye Link page, select "My Buckeye Link" from the go to drop-down menu and select jump link button.

The Preferred Name will appear on the Student Services Ctr (Student), Class Roster and Grade Roster pages in the Student Information System (SIS). All other pages within the SIS will reflect the Primary Name

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