Illustration of the SIS My Buckeye Link

The illustration below shows a typical My Buckeye Link page. Choose a section you would like to learn more about and select the corresponding box below.

If you prefer, you can browse a list of the things you can do from My Buckeye Link.

My Buckeye Link



1. Academics

2. Finances

Finances section of myBuckeyeLink

My Account

Account Inquiry

Account Refund

Guardian Setup

Financial Aid

View Financial Aid

Student Health Insurance

Select/Waive Coverage

View Insurance Information

Other Financials menu

Statement of Account

Make a Payment

4. Admissions

Admissions section on myBuckeyeLink page







5. Search for Classes

6. Holds

Holds section of myBuckeye Link section







7. To Do List

To Do List myBuckeyeLink page







To Do List

8. Enrollment Information

9. Advisor

Advisor section of MyBuckeyeLink page






10. University Offices

11. University Resources

12. Financial Information