Financial Aid: Accept/Decline Aid


  • My Buckeye Link - Finances section- View Financial Aid - Aid Summary tab
  • Buckeye Link -  Accounts and Financial Aid section - Financial aid status - Aid Year 2020 - Aid Summary tab


1. From the Aid Summary page, select  Accept-Decline Aid Button. The Aid Notification page will appear.

Award Package page

This page lists all the awards for which you are eligible during the selected aid year.

2. Select the name of any award (as listed in the Award column) to view the Award Detail, which lists the amount awarded per term for that particular award.

  • The Offered and Accepted columns display how much aid has been offered, and how much you have accepted (see Step 3, below).

3. Make appropriate selections in the Accept and Decline columns to accept or decline individual awards.

  • If you select Accept, you will have an opportunity to accept an amount less than the total award by editing the amount in the Accepted column.
  • Select Select All button to accept all awards which require an acceptance action.
  • Select Decline All button to decline all awards which require an acceptance action.
  • Select Clear All button to clear your previous selections.
  • Select Update Totals button to update the Totals listed in the last row of this page.

In the example below, the student has accepted the entire Federal Subsidized loan but only $1500 of the Federal Unsubsidized loan, and has updated totals.

Award Package page

4. Select Submit button to save your award elections. A confirmation will appear.

Confirmation  page

5. Select Yes button. A final confirmation will appear.

Confirmation Page

6. Select OK button to return to the Award Package page.

7. Select Return to Award Summary at the bottom of the page to return to the Award Summary page.

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