Understanding Your Statement of Account

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Statement of Account  includes the following columns: Transaction, Transaction Date, Due Date, Charges and Payments/Adjustments. A notes area and statement summary are additional areas.


  • Balance Due as of Today
    The total Past and Current Charges (current charges are those due within 29 days of today)
  • Charges
    Includes charges for tuition and fees as well as student health insurance, university housing - Also includes refunds.
  • Payments/Adjustments
    Includes web and check payments, pending and disbursed financial aid, and fee authorizations as well as transfers to payment plans and third party contracts.
  • Notes section
    A Notes section is included with key information of interest to all students-due dates, financial aid disbursement information based on your student record.

An Unapplied Payments section will be visible if there are payments or other credit-overpayments, payments that can only be applied to specific types of charges-on your account. Unapplied payments may be processed as refunds, as in an overpayment, but others are not refundable.

An Unpaid Charges from Other Terms section will be visible when the Balance Due as of Today includes charges from terms other than the term for which the Statement of Account was run.

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 For questions regarding your Statement of Account, please contact Buckeye Link at 614-292-0300 or buckeyelink@osu.edu.