Student Financial Aid Title IV Permissions

Federal regulations allow The Ohio State University to apply your Title IV  federal financial aid funds to your institutional charges such as tuition, course and program fees, technology and site-based fees, and housing and meal plan charges. Title IV federal financial aid includes Pell Grants, Direct Student Loans, Perkins Loans and TEACH and SEOG grants.

Beginning summer term 2016, you must grant a one-time authorization to Ohio State if you want your Title IV funds applied to all charges on your Statement of Account, including Student Health Insurance, orientation fees, penalty and late fees, etc.

Note: You are not required to provide this authorization. However, if your authorization is not re- ceived prior to the disbursement of financial aid for the term, Title IV funds may not be applied to all charges, which may result in an outstanding balance that will cause late fees to be assessed if not paid by the due date.

To authorize Ohio State to apply your federal financial aid to all charges for summer term and after:

1. Log in to your My Buckeye Link via

2.  Access the “other financial” drop-down menu located in the Finances section.

Landing page.Landing page for My Buckeyelink. This page features Academics, Fiances , Personal Information, Holds, To Do List Enrollment Information  and Advisor sections..

3.  Select View Student Permissions from the drop-down menu.

My BuckeyeLink Finances Section.My BuckeyeLink landing page with the Finances section highlighted. The other  financial drop down menu is show with View Student Permissions option selected.

4. Click the double arrow to access the Permissions page.

A double arrow button is highlighted. This button must be selected to access the View Student Permissions page.

5. Click the Grant Permissions button.

The Student Permissions tab is displayed. A green Grant Permissions button is highlighed.

6. Review the eligible Title IV Financial Aid. Click the Next button.

The Student Permissions: Select Permission Form.  Student must select a permission form and click NEXT to continue with the agreement process or click CANCEL.

7. Check the agreement statement and click the Submit button.

Permission Form Agreement. The agreement form authorizes the University to apply Title IV financial aid funds toward any charges that my appear on my account.. Students must check that they have read the agreement and select the Submit button.

8. After authorizing the Title IV financial aid to apply towards your charges, you will receive a confirmation page.

9. To review the permission, click the View Student Permission button.

Student Permission Confirmation. The confirmation displays that the permission form has been accepted. This permission confirmation page contains a view a view student permission.

10. Notice the status of the Student Permission is now Allow.

Student Permissions tab. Allow appears under permission Form. A Display Student Agreement link  also appears.