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This process assumes you have chosen to enroll in a Student Health Insurance Plan on the Elect/Waive page. You should be on the Election and Dependents page.

Election and Dependents page

NOTE: The Dependent Information section displays only when you select an appropriate Insurance Level; it will not display if you accept the default selection of “Student Only”.

1. Select an Insurance Level:

  • Student & Child: coverage for you and dependent child(ren)
  • Student & Family: coverage for you, your spouse or domestic partner, and dependent child(ren)
  • Student & Spouse/Dom. Partner: coverage for you and your spouse or domestic partner
  • Student only (default): insurance for you only

2. Enter the Dependent Information if appropriate:

a. Enter appropriate information for your first dependent.

NOTE: If you select a Relationship of "DP Adult" (Adult Domestic Partner), you will see a message prompting you to submit an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership to the Student Health Insurance Office. A link to the form will also appear.

b. Select Add button and enter appropriate information for each additional dependent.

3. Select Next button to continue and confirm your insurance selection.

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