UPS Shipping Overview

Welcome to the Shipping ASSIST which describes how to use the online UPS Complete View Shipping system.

University departments can ship, track packages and receive email notifications using the UPS desktop solution. A customized program validates ChartField values to reduce data errors and prevent unnecessary rework.

You will need an ID and password to use the UPS Complete View Shipping (CVS) system. In order to request access to the UPS Complete View Shipping online form, please complete these steps:

  1. Review ALL the Shipping ASSIST pages.
  2. Successfully complete the Purch9 Shipping quiz in BuckeyeLearn with a score of 84% or higher.  There are questions covering ALL the topics in the Shipping ASSIST pages.
  3. Complete the UPS Complete View Shipping Access Request Form.
  4. Email form to
You are responsible for every package that you ship.  Remember:
  • Before you ship a package, be sure that you know what is in it.
  • Errors in shipping or labeling Dry Ice or Hazardous Materials may lead to disciplinary actions (up to and including termination), as well as potential sanctions against the whole university.
  • Do not give out the OSU UPS Account Number to entities outside the university.