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View a demonstration of searching for a class

The Class Search page enables you to search for classes at any or all campuses of The Ohio State University.

  • If you are looking for the Course Catalog, which contains all courses offered by Ohio State, refer to the Search for a Course procedure.

Navigation: Faculty Center - Class Search tab


1. Navigate to the Faculty Center page.

Faculty Center page

2. Click the Class Search tab. The Class Search page will appear.

Search for Classes page

3. Click Go button.

The Class Search: Search for Classes page will appear.

Search for Classes page

4. [Optional] Click Additional Search Criteria to reveal more options.

  • The illustration below depicts the bottom half of the page after clicking Additional Search Criteria.

Search for Classes: Additional Criteria

5. Specify your desired search criteria.

There are many possible combinations of search criteria, but keep the following notes in mind:

  • If selecting the default Columbus Campus, it is strongly recommended that other filters also be added to minimize the time needed to return the search. Notice the message that your search will "exceed the maximum limit of 300 sections" and to "specify additional criteria".
  • The Show Open Classes Only checkbox defaults as selected. Unchecking this box will show open, closed, and wait listed classes.
  • Use Course Attribute to search for or by General Education Requirements (GECs), Academic Level, Bridge courses, Credit by Exam, Flexibly Scheduled classes, Honors courses, Service Learning, or Workshops.
    • If you wish to use Course Attribute as a criterion, you must look up and select a Course Attribute and then a corresponding Course Attribute Value. For instance, if you look up and select "GEC" as Course Attribute, you could then look up and select a Course Attribute Value of "AH1" (Historical Survey), "AH2" (Literature), or any other GEC requirement.

NOTE: If you select "GEC" as the Course Attribute, you will see an additional message at the bottom of the page: "This GEC category may vary across majors in your chosen college. Please run your Degree Audit Report and/or contact your college office for more specific information."

NOTE: Mode of Instruction is discussed further in step 9, below.

6.Click Search button. The Class Search Results will appear.

Class Sections results

7. This page initially displays only 3 sections, even if there are more listed. Click View All Sections in the blue header bar, as necessary, to view all sections of a given class.

8. Each course may have mutliple listings on this page. If this is the case, locate the class you wish to view and click its View Class Sections link.

9. Click the Section link for more information on that specific section. The Class Detail will appear.

Class detail

Note the Instruction Mode, which is outlined in red in the example above. This takes the place of the current letter designation after a course number. Available Instruction Modes include:

  • Clinic Field Experience
  • Computer Taught
  • Distance Learning
  • Flexibly Scheduled
  • In Person
  • Video Taught
  • Workshop

The following two examples depict Class Details with Instruction Mode of "Distance Learning" and "Computer Taught", respectively (outlined in red).

Class Detail Distance Learning


Class Detail Computer Taught


If desired, use the Mode of Instruction in Additional Search Criteria to limit your search results to a specific Instruction Mode.

10. Click Return to Results button to return to the Class Search Results.

11. From Class Search Results, you can:

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