Review Actuals Distribution Page


The Review Actuals Distribution page shows all earnings processed for a selected pay period. Prior period leave adjustments and retroactive payments will also be shown on the Review Actuals Distribution page for the pay period in which it was processed.

If you are doing a Direct Retro Distribution it is important to verify that:

  • A direct retro is required. If the earnings are not yet visible on the Review Actuals Distribution page, the funds have not yet been distributed and a direct retro distribution is not required. Go to the department budget table record and change the ChartField for the current pay period.
  • The ChartField you have been asked to move is displayed on the Review Actuals Distribution page.
  • The amount you have been asked to move does not exceed the total amount the employee was actually paid on a particular ChartField

Access the Review Actuals Distribution Page

1. Open the Reviews Actuals Distribution component.

Path: Payroll - Payroll Distribution - Commitment Accounting - Review Actuals Distribution

2. Search for the appropriate pay period and employee.

a. You can use any combination of criteria to find the correct earnings period.

b. Click on the appropriate pay period in your search results to see the details.

3. Review the Review Actuals Distribution page.

Roll over or tab through each highlighted part of the page to learn more.

screenshot of the Review Actuals Distribution page
  • Header
    The Header provides general information about the earnings, including the employee ID, employee name, and pay period end date.
  • Earnings
    The Earnings section relates to the earnings code for the employee’s pay, such as regular, sick, or vacation. Employees may have one earnings row or multiple rows. Each Earnings row will have one or more distributions, and each distribution may have one or more ChartField. This section also contains information about which position the distribution is for.

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Click the View All link to see all of the earning rows and all distributions for each row.

view all links circled

Pay End Date and Earnings End Date

On the Review Actuals Distribution page, the Pay End Date may be different from the Earnings End Date, such as when there are prior period adjustments.

screenshot of review actuals distribution page with pay end date and earnings end date circled