Benefits Service Date

Benefits Service Date

The Benefits Service Date is used to determine the amount of service for the calculation of vacation leave accrual purposes. This date reflects an employee’s total service at Ohio State or with the State of Ohio or any of its political subdivisions.

The Benefits Service date must be changed when an employee is rehired to reflect any eligible previous state service, or is transferred into a vacation-eligible position from one that is not. In addition, it may need to be adjusted for a new hire if the employee has Ohio service time.


An employee should provide the department Human Resource Professional with written documentation from the previous Ohio public agency to receive credit toward the Benefits Service Date. In addition, the documentation should include any unused and unpaid sick leave balance from a previous State of Ohio job if the transfer is within ten years.

Documentation can be mailed or emailed on letterhead or an official form provided by the previous employer. Any change in accrual rate will be effective after documentation is received and processed by the department.

Calculating the Service Date

Qualifying Service

  • Time in a regular paid appointment, regardless of full-time or part-time status
  • Time in a temporary or term paid appointment, regardless of full-time or part-time status
  • Time in an intermittent appointment (regardless of the number of days or pay periods actually worked)
  • Time during the period of a leave of absence as long as the appointment status remained active
  • Time served with the military in either the Ohio National Guard or civilian employment for a state military agency
  • Time with any other State of Ohio public agency or its political subdivisions in a non-student appointment (refer to Service Date FAQ)
  • Time between a voluntary or involuntary disability separation and return to work if the disability separation occurred prior to December 2010 and the time off was a total of three years or less; if the voluntary or involuntary disability separation occurred after December 2010 and the time off was a total of two years or less
  • Time between a disability retirement and return to work if the disability retirement and the time off was a total of five years or less

Excluded Service

  • Time in a student appointment, including graduate student appointments (including, but not limited to, job codes 7968, 4905, 4894, and 4869)
  • Time in a fellowship or trainee appointment (graduate or post-doctoral)
  • Time with an affiliated group (for example Faculty Club, OSU Physicians, etc.) unless otherwise specified under an agreement between The Ohio State University and the affiliated group. Please contact the Office of Human Resources at for guidance.
  • Time in between active appointments (for example, the break in service between termination and rehire)
  • Time in a non-salaried appointment
  • Previous Ohio State and/or public agency appointment time when re-employing a retiree. In addition, each time a retiree returns to employment after a break in service, the benefit service date begins over.
  • Federal government employment or public agency employment for any of the other 49 states


How to Use the Service Date Calculator

Adjusting the Service Date in the Human Resources System

The Benefits Service Date will automatically default based on the original hire effective date. After using the service date calculator, the Benefits Service Date should be adjusted in the Human Resources Job Data component to reflect prior Ohio State service and prior service with the State of Ohio or any of its political subdivisions, if applicable.

How to Adjust the Service Date